Bone grafting is a relatively routine procedure performed by Dr. Caso or Dr. Ash for a number of indications. Natural atrophy after tooth extractions, periodontal disease, pathology, developmental anomalies, and injuries, may all result in defects of the face and upper and lower jaws. These defects can be treated successfully using various bone grafting techniques. Indications that may require a bone graft to treat such defects include:

In addition to bone grafting, Dr. Caso or Dr. Ash may use other state-of-the-art techniques to regenerate and repair defects. Distraction osteogenesis is an exciting new technique that can be used in select cases. The process utilizes a mechanical device to “grow” and regenerate bone and soft tissue to restore a defect. In some cases distraction osteogenesis is used in conjunction with traditional bone grafting techniques to achieve the desired results.

During your initial consultation with Dr. Caso or Dr. Ash, diagnostic information will be collected and reviewed to determine the specific procedure(s) for your particular needs. As bone grafting is generally one component of an overall dental and/or facial reconstruction treatment plan, Dr. Caso or Dr. Ash will work with your dentist/physician and involved specialists to coordinate procedures in the necessary stages of treatment.


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